June 2020 Newsletter

FAQ of Landon Farm

Hi All! I hope this newsletter finds you healthy and happy. I am so excited that the sun has been shining and I have seen so many of you at the barn. We have many exciting things happening on the horizon. This newsletter will hopefully get everyone on the same page and answer some FAQ.
I run a really tight ship because quality control is paramount to me. I want your rider to progress. I want your horses to excel. I have strict rules for this reason. I will not bend or break these rules for anyone. I have many clients that have been with me for 6-12 years and they will tell you that my rules are not negotiable :)
Kathryn’s Teaching Schedule
Kathryn’s schedule is PACKED! I have ZERO openings for new riders. I currently teach from 2-8 pm Monday through Wednesday. I see my horse owners/show horse leasees on Sundays when I am in town.
Please be aware that I cannot always accommodate lesson change requests. I will need my clients to understand that when I give 1-2 choices for changing the lesson that this is ALL I HAVE.
I want to continue to give you the most dynamic lessons on the best lesson horses. In order to do that, my groups are SELECTIVELY formed BY ME. I have a “method to my madness” in order to fast track every rider.
It’s hot and riders need to bring plenty of water. You MUST have your name or initials on the water bottle OR THE TOP of the bottled water. This is MANDATORY! I do not want riders to mix up their water with each other. Take a sharpie marker and put your initials on the top of the cap.
YOUR RIDER IS RESPONSIBLE for bringing the water bottle to the “People Room.” It is very important that parents help me to reiterate this responsibility the rider. It is NOT the job of the parent, trainer or LF employees to track their water down. This applies to all riders 6 years old age and older!!!
Throw your empty water bottles away when they are empty. Take your water bottles home with you. Do not leave half-filled water bottles for my staff to clean up at the end of the night.
You must be at least 15 minutes early for your lesson. Last-minute running into the arena can be a very occasional event. I do not teach that riding as a run in and run out activity. Your rider needs to be involved in the process!
*****Your riders must complete these tasks before they ride:
  1. Look at the list to see who they are riding
  2. Put their helmet on. If you do not have a helmet, YOU NEED TO PURCHASE one. Using a LF helmet is a short term proposition. Sometimes I have used helmets for sale. New is $35 ish.
  3. Put their saddle on
  4. Measure their stirrups if they do not own a saddle
  5. Get a peppermint (from the bucket in front of barn) and put in their pocket to be used when mounting
  6. Put their name on their water
  7. Put their water bottle in the People Room. This is NOT the job of the parents/nanny/grandparents/trainer/LF employee. The rider must complete this action.
  8. Be ready to walk your horse to the arena (with a helper if the rider is younger)
  9. Enter the arena and stop your horse facing the gate.
  10. Pull down your stirrups
  11. If old enough, tighten your girth
“People Room” Etiquette
I love to have spectators at the lessons. I think it is important for everyone to be able to observe and listen and learn. There are some important rules to remember!
  1. Kathryn (or Lilly/Rebecca) ARE the ONLY people in charge of giving instructions during a lesson. THE ONLY. I am not interested in what the spouse or parent of a rider thinks they should be doing. DO NOT COACH the rider. **** all spouses or parents should take 3 lessons to experience the difficultly of riding if you cannot keep your opinions to yourself during the lesson. Persistent rule-breaking will be cause for the rider to be removed from the schedule. I run a tight ship.
  2. Siblings must sit still and quiet. Toys and noisy electronics are not permitted in the People Room. Electronics can be used with no volume. Toys can be played with at the picnic tables (that are nowhere near the arena). We ask parents to remove siblings from the arena area if they are going to scream or cry. Safety of the horses and riders is paramount.
  3. No umbrellas. If it’s raining, wear a jacket. Do not bring an umbrella to the barn, stalls, or arena. No exceptions.
  4. Pick up your trash. Dispose of your own mess, please
  5. Walking in an out of the People Room excessively.... stay put. If you don’t think you can stay put, then please walk around the farm (near the barn).
  6. Coughing and sneezing people do not need to sit in the People Room. Feel free to sit in your car. Hand sanitizer is available.
  7. When your rider is finished with their lesson, remember to tell them how proud you are of them. Nothing more or less. Leave the training and constructive criticism to Kathryn and her staff!
Do you have a trunk at LF that your rider keeps their equipment in?? This next paragraph is for you...
  1. Put all of your equipment away. Do not put it on top of the trunk. Do not put it next to the trunk. If this continues, I will make all riders remove their trunks and take them home. I find it discouraging that all riders do not want to keep the barn tidy and clutter-free.
  2. Food is NOT allowed in any trunk.
  3. Throw your water bottles away! Do not leave them on or next to your trunk.
Do you own your own saddle?? That’s such a privilege if you do. Saddle owners should take very good care of their investment.
Saddle owners need to buy their OWN cleaner and conditioner. You are welcome to use Kathryn’s for $15 every time you borrow some.
Saddle owners MUST clean their own saddles for the show. Cleaning means that there are NO sweat marks, NO DIRT. Every inch of the saddle (inside and out) is clean and conditioned (including the leathers). Stirrups should not have dirt on them either. ANY RIDER THAT brings a dirty saddle to a show will be charged $50 for my staff to clean it.
DEEP Questions for Kathryn
Do you have questions for Kathryn that take more than a few sentences to answer??... then you need to schedule an in-person meeting.
Between lessons is NOT an appropriate time to have an in-depth conversation about horse ownership, how to show, leasing a horse, rider progression, buying a saddle, show clothes.
I want to GIVE you my UNDIVIDED attention. But I also owe it to my other clients to stay on time and give them my attention as well.
Some of these topics can be addressed via email as well.
I feel so blessed that I can share my farm with so many amazing people and their families.
I want everyone that visits to enjoy the sights, sounds, and services that LF provides.
I know life can get us in a rut sometimes. Please be cognitive that the barn is the mental escape for many. Riders and their families want to be surrounded by positive energy and a sense of community.
Grumpy and complaining people will not mesh into our close-knit barn family. If you have a grievance, please schedule a meeting with Kathryn (or Kelly the barn manager). I am always willing to discuss any issues in a scheduled meeting or via email.
Complaints should never be brought up to my staff. They do not have the power to fix anything. I’m the boss. I’m the fixer.
Because I literally live at my work (my house is 20 yards from the farm and I work 12-14 hours a day), I have a short fuse for negativity. I love what I do. I’m dedicated to my clients and their dreams. To stay energized, I will only surround myself with very positive clientele. I believe Negative Nellies are toxic and I will not be the right trainer for your rider or horse.
My favorite saying...
“I’m not the right fit for everyone...
But the riders (and their families) I am the right fit for will always see the passion and effort I give them.”

Prices and Special Offers

$320 Saddle Time Offer (if you want this deal in July, you will need to pay by June 20)
All in the Family $440 (if you want this deal in July, you will need to pay by June 20)
Prepaid for month group (4 lessons) is $160. Prepaid for the month, private is $45 per lesson or $180 total
*****This price is only good if ALL lessons are PREPAID by the 4th of the month.****
If you want to pay LESSON BY LESSON, the price is $60 PER LESSON. Your payment will be due the day you ride. If you cancel with less than 24 hour notice, you will owe the entire $60. You will not be scheduled for a lesson if you cancel and refuse payment.
Camp is filling up fast! There is a $75 deposit (FOR EVERYONE) to reserve your spot. We have shared the fun-filled schedule on past newsletters. If you need additional info, email landonfarm@yahoo.com or visit http://www.landonfarmllc.com/2020-summer-camps to learn more and sign-up!
June 15-16 $175
July 1-3 with a show on the 4th for $300
August 3-4 $175
New Show Schedule
We have June figured out but  July is a little up in the air
I hope to add an open show in July!
June 6-Raleigh
June 18-20 Shelbyville, TN
June 24-29 Georgia
July 4 Yadkinville
July 10-11 KVHA Winfield, WV
July 30-Aug 1 White Pine, TN
Two New Team Members!
I do have fantastic news!..... if you can’t get on my schedule, I have a wonderful assistant instructor that has joined the team. She has already proven to me her drive and willingness to learn more. Many of the kids had a special treat to have a mini lesson with her the other day. If you see a new smiley face, make sure you introduce yourself to Lilly! Teaching days for Lilly are Thursday and Friday after 4. We are excited to add more days for Lilly to teach very soon! This addition is very exciting for my existing clients to keep a consistent schedule when I’m traveling and for our new barn family members!
On Monday and Tuesday mornings we have another young adult that has joined our team named Rebecca. She will be working Monday and Tuesday morning and afternoons. Rebecca is assisting us with working horses, teaching camp, and beginner lessons! Rebecca is only here for the summer but maybe we can talk her into coming back every year!??
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