June 2019 Newsletter

Camp has limited spots left! 
The July 1-2 has only a couple of spots available and the July 15-16 has 5 available spots left for campers.
Have you signed up? With a max of 12 students per camp, don't delay. These smaller camps fill up quickly but are also designed to give your child a true riding camp. Allowing them to be hands-on not only with riding horses but also in the care and enrichment of these animals. Need additional information? Please email Kelly at landonfarm@yahoo.com 
Exceptional Rider and Exceptional Program 
Blaire is a young lady that has autism. This young lady is training to compete in the UPHA Exceptional Challenge Cup Finals in Kansas City, MO.
Riders are either physically or mentally disabled (or both). There are divisions for riders to compete independently or with assistance.
Blaire began her riding lessons over a year ago and she has excelled so much that she rides and shows without assistance.
Blaire has learned to trot and post; rides regularly in a group; shows in unfamiliar arenas with a large number of competitors; furthermore, she learned to canter the entire arena without stopping!
Stay tuned to Blaire’s special journey to Kansas City!
Horsefriends Benefit Show 
We are excited to attend the Horsefriends Benefit Open Show at Flintrock Farm on June 15. Horsefriends is a therapeutic riding facility that is a 501C3.
There are classes for all ages and ability levels and this show is minutes away from the farm. Sign up today!!!!!!
It is very hot and riding is physically strenuous. You MUST bring a water bottle or Gatorade. Please label your water with your name.
If you forget your water and need to take one from the little house (which is the STAFF water), we will expect you to donate a case of water in the very near future.
The staff is often in this weather 5-12 hours a day. We provide water for the staff but need to clientele to bring their own. 
Thanks for your understanding!
Trash at the barn
Clean up your empty water and Gatorade bottles. Do not leave open food containers in the barn or little house. Please help us keep our barn and farm beautiful! Kathryn is your horse trainer and NOT your maid!
Summer Barn Opportunities
Summer is the best time for your rider to learn new things at the barn and be mentored by our terrific staff and advanced riders. 
Riders must commit to a regular weekly time that Kathryn assigns to them. This commitment is very important to their growth as a person and equestrian. 
This is NOT a babysitting service. Riders cannot be randomly dropped off. In addition, all riders will have to work. We do not sit, nor play on phones or other electronic devices. In order to be a barn helper, the rider must have a scheduled time.
If you are interested in further information, please contact Kathryn at 
Horses for Sale and Lease 
There are always horses for sale and for lease at every price point. 
Horses value is determined by their athleticism, kindness, show record, bloodlines, versatility, age. 
Prices of horses can be compared to cars. There are cars that clunkers”- to the very dependable middle of the road brands-to luxury vehicles with all the bells and whistles.
Schedule a time to sit with Kathryn and she can give you a lot of information to n order to understand leasing or horse ownership better. Email her at landonfarm@yahoo.com
Horses for Lease-
Titus, Evie, Bitsy, Pumpkin, Cowboy 
Horses for Sale-
Chongo, Bruno, Pumpkin, Karmen, Addie, Morgan 
***We also get a lot of new horses in monthly to sell!
Riding Attire Reminder 
To ensure that riders, staff, and horses are safe, the proper riding attire is required. Please remember NOT to wear any of the following:
  • shorts
  • bathing suits
  • skirts
  • spaghetti strap tank tops
  • Crocs
  • flip flops
  • Tennis shoes (new riders have 30 days to purchase boots)
Your rider will not get to take their lesson if you show up wearing any of these items. 
You will not be allowed to reschedule if you wear inappropriate clothing to your lesson.


A Granny’s Perspective 
(Granny is the nickname for Shannon Smith. Shannon is the grandmother and number one cheerleader for our young rider, Brayden. Brayden shows as a 5-year-old but is actually 6 yrs of age. He has been riding for over 2 years.)
Being a “horse show grandmother” is an experience like no other. It requires a different mindset.
You learn to become most supportive, by means of playing different roles, you become the groomer, scheduler, tie maker, pinning number on their back, boot polisher, cheerleader, the taper of boots and gloves, helmet and crop holder, psychologist, and nutritionist. You learn to allow your instructor to instruct and you say nothing during lessons or show. Although standing with him while he warms up before he goes out is the best bonding experience, Then you stay at the gate this is something I learned and respect, Because the only thing I want him to listen to is his instructor, not me. The butterflies you get when he trots into the arena are breath taken, I don't think I breathe while he is out there.
I have learned to manage expectations. I don’t expect him to win – it truly is about him doing his best and learning from each experience. I have seen where the rides home from practice or shows have been quite, But I always explain that you learn from not placing or  having an off day in lessons you just know next time you will try to improve on the errors and be happy, Winning isn't everything its about how  you ride and the joy of riding. It gives me great joy to see how he has progressed both as a rider and person. I  receive the best bonding experience and partnership with him.

Photo Submissions

Do you manage to get that perfect shot rather you are at the farm or attending a show?  We want your photos!  Starting this month you can upload your favorite photos to our website. These shots will be evaluated and used where most applicable to help us get our message across. There is no limit to the photos that you can upload, just be sure to fill out the form giving us permission to use them!  Thank you for using your artistic talent to spread the word of the work and fun we do here at Landon Farms! 


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