March 2019 Newsletter

Summer Guide for the Horse Crazy Kid 
Camps/Barn Helpers/Barn Internship

We want to get your rider more involved in horses and the barn this summer? We have several programs to discuss below.


LF will host 2 camps that are two days long. These camps are open to riders 5-12 years old and any experience level. These camps are the most hands-on in the Triad. We do not spend the majority of the time doing crafts or swimming. This is not a watered down horse camp. This is a true horse camp. We will ride 3 times both days. Horsemanship on the highest level with 2 lessons and a game on horseback daily. In addition, the camper will have a driving lesson where the horse pulls a cart. 

Every camp has a cap of 12 riders. This cap allows for quality control and assures that it is not a factory atmosphere where riders sit around while being verbally lectured by the instructor. Horsemanship is about being involved directly with the horse and our camp promotes this theory. Riders will be divided into group classes with riders of similar abilities during the camp. The head trainer, Kathryn, will teach the lessons during camp. From Kathryn’s expertise to the best school horses in the triad, this will be an epic camp!

Want a great camp discount?!

Send 2 or more kids and get a $30 discount per child if they attend the same camp.

If a current LF student gets a friend (that has never ridden at LF) to attend, the LF student will receive a $40 credit towards the cost of their camp.

Sign up for both camps and receive a $50 discount on the second camp.

Sign up by emailing
Cost $250 total. 
A nonrefundable deposit of $100 is due at sign up and remainder due on the first day of camp. 


Barn Helpers

What is a barn helper?.... This is anyone young or old that wants to learn more about horses, the farm life and the lifestyle of being an equestrian. This person will volunteer 1-4 hours in a day. This person would volunteer 1-2 times a week. We would schedule the volunteer to work when a mentor is available. The horses deserve the best and their care comes with a lot of rules to ensure the safety of the volunteer and horse and quality care.

A volunteer/barn helper is expected to bring a great attitude and dress appropriately for the work (not sure what to wear? ask Kathryn). The volunteer may feed or water horses, sweep the barn aisle, clean tack, etc. every job is important to make the barn and horses happy and healthy. The barn helper must schedule their work time with Kathryn. You must have a weekly time or schedule at various times. You are expected to be on time and no shows are not to be tolerated. We are a close-knit team that depends on individuals that are dependable. We will help your rider learn the importance of commitment and putting their very best foot forward daily.

Barn helpers can be 6 years of age to adult.

Barn Intern

This is a rider that wants to be 110% in the equine lifestyle. They want to be a part of the day to day activities of the barn and horse training. Barn interns must be 11 years old to adult. Very few are invited to be interns because the commitment is s9 high. These riders work a minimum of 10 hours a week. They will work side by side with Kathryn, Michelle, Ashleigh, and Raymond. There is no task too small or too great. Your rider will be very tired at the end of the day and they will LOVE the feeling.

The commitment to the internship is very involved.  This will set your rider up to learn the commitment of a job and the responsibility that goes with it.  Kathryn will assign a weekly time to come and help. Many riders may want to work more than one day a week and Kathryn will assign those days and times as well.  You will be expected to be on time and prepared with lunch/snacks/drinks.  You must give at least 72-hour notice if you will not be working your scheduled time.  Riders that do not follow the above rules will not be allowed to continue their internship.  
Kathryn loves to teach about the farm and horsemanship to riders young and old. Riders must show the same level of commitment and passion in order to receive the extra mentorship and saddle time. 
Internship hours will be used for additional lessons or towards a specific service that Kathryn agrees to.  Internship hours cannot replace your regular weekly lessons or pay for your regular weekly lessons.  

JV Team and Varsity team Announced!

We are so excited to announce who has committed to the teams. There are several riders are very close to joining JV OR being boosted up to the Varsity level! I am so proud of every rider and their commitment.

Please note that Kathryn has been working with Champion to develop clothing for the teams. Clothing should be finalized soon. We have a great package deal on a full zip fleece sweatshirt, sweatpants, t-shirt and backpack all outfitted with the Landon Farm swagger. Clothing will be available for purchase for team members and their family members.

Both JV and Varsity will have their first clinic in March. Remember that this has no cost to team members. Details will be shared soon!

LF Varsity

Grace Scott

LF Junior Varsity 

Clare L
Eve H

Want a Great deal?....

We have a few used items for sale 
All items are under $35
Size 2 paddock boots under
Size 3 paddock boots
2 pairs Mod Jod (fancy practice pants) size 6 (little girl)
Adult small practice Jods (pants) bootcut
Saddle for a rider under 10 years old $450. **this saddle is usually $750-900 used. There are some cosmetic blemishes that have diminished the price. The structure of the saddle is perfect. This saddle has won many blue ribbons. 

We want YOU!......
Not sure what a horse show feels like? We attend shows geared to all ability levels locally, regionally and nationally. Kathryn would love to talk to you further about this very fun next step in your riding. Please email the barn to set up an appointment to talk.

See all upcoming shows by clicking here

Horses for Lease

Pee Wee

Horses for sale


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