October 2019 Newsletter

Alabama Charity Show

We really had a great time in Decatur! Besides the amazing ribbons, we had a blast with our friends from other states.

Drew and Trooper won two classes sponsored by the Southeast Show Horse Association (SESHA). There was tail work and pattern work involved in both classes. Friday night, Drew performed a flawless pattern again 6 other great competitors. His attention to detail was amazing and he trotted away with the top honors. He won a neck ribbon, a large picture of his victory by Terry Young, Freedman Jacket, Q/A with Show Horse Magazine, Groom box, tote bag, and top ten neck ribbon.

Sharon had some of the best drives of her career. She and Boomer won a competitive amateur fine harness class and came back to be reserve (2nd place) in the open championship with trainers! She and Claret were stunning in the open pleasure driving qualifier and championship. There were 8 horses in the class and she and Claret were reserve (2nd place) both times. Claret is still young and can be a tad hot-tempered at times but she’s starting to understand her job and she rocked it this past week.

Dutton is such a cool mare and she won the Denver 3 gaited class. She only showed once this past week. We look forward to showing her again soon. The future is bright with this beautiful and talented horse.

Last but not least was Prada. She and Kathryn had a blast in the ring. Trotting and racking, this mare gave 110%. She won the Ladies 5 gaited out of 7 outstanding horses and she was reserve in the open Jackpot championship! Both major improvements from last season. Prada is very proud of herself and I’m still recovering from both rides.


Fun Shows and Winter Tournaments

We have some shows coming up this fall and winter. These shows accomplish two goals. The first is that it keeps my seasoned riders in shape. Secondly, it allows my new or inexperienced riders to participate.

There will be classes and divisions for all ages and experience levels. The cost of the tournaments is $185-$275.

The riders would wear KY Jodphurs (pants), paddock boots, gloves, and a helmet. Riders also need a Landon Farm sweatshirt or vest.

The dates for the first fun show are Saturday, November 23 at Cash Lovell Stables in Winston-Salem. Sign up by emailing the barn. All riders must pay and commit to attending no later than November 9.


Other Tournament Dates

(3 or more riders just sign up to attend)


January 4- Lexington, VA


February 15 in Monroe, NC or in Lexington, VA (there are two that day)


February 22- Lexington, VA


Horses for Sale and Lease


Have questions about how all of that works? Kathryn would love to schedule a meeting with you to go over all of that important and exciting information.


Fall Clemson


There is one more horse show for my performance and academy team riders in Clemson, SC. I need to know who wants to attend so I can figure out the price to attend. The dates are November 8 and 9.


Photo Submissions

Do you manage to get that perfect shot rather you are at the farm or attending a show?  We want your photos! You can upload your favorite photos to our website. These shots will be evaluated and used where most applicable to help us get our message across. There is no limit to the photos that you can upload, just be sure to fill out the form giving us permission to use them!  Thank you for using your artistic talent to spread the word of the work and fun we do here at Landon Farms! 


Saddle for Christmas or Hanukkah


It’s that time of the year and we want to help your rider find the best price of equipment for promoting their balance and communication with the horse... that’s the saddle!


Buying a saddle can be very tricky and it’s easy to end up with the wrong one. Kathryn will find the appropriate saddle for your rider.


Saddles can be bought new or used. There are great brands and brands we stay far away from.


It can take me several weeks or more to locate the correct saddle for your rider. Contact me soon if this is on your wishlist this holiday season!


Academy Nationals


We want to wish the three LF riders participating in the Academy National Finals in Murfreesboro, TN the very best of luck! We can’t wait to see Rachel, Eve and Brayden hitting the ring in a couple of weeks! Riders from all over the country will convene in TN for an elimination (3 rounds and possible 6 classes per rider) event!


How did these three riders prepare for this monumental event???


These three riders competed in many shows from spring until now. They all practice 2-3 times a week year-round. Furthermore, they all own their saddles and have top-notch custom riding clothes. Rachel leases Perry which has allowed her to become a dynamic team this season.


Next year, we look forward to adding more riders joining this elite group of academy riders. They live, breath and love the horses and the barn.


LF Vests and Sweatshirts


There will be the opportunity to order some LF sweatshirts and vests shortly. We will let you know how to order one soon!



Scheduling Policy


Remember riders, that you must have a regular weekly time. After 90 days of riding once a week, you much increase your lessons to twice a week. Failure to do so will result in a large increase in the price of your weekly lesson.


I understand that many riders participate in a multitude of activities. However, it is not my job to work around those activities. I have a very tight schedule and my make up lesson times are limited. ***** when you participate in karate, swimming or soccer, they DO NOT give you make up lessons. I still provide makeup lessons BUT they are not plentiful. I will offer what I have available and you may have to cancel other activities to accept my availability.


All makeup lessons must be scheduled within the existing month. There is a one week grace period into the following month to get a makeup lesson scheduled. YOU WILL NOT be able to schedule beyond those perimeters. It is your responsibility to get a makeup lesson scheduled in a very timely manner and not wait until the end of the month.


You have 24 hours to respond when I email you a time and say that’s available and accept or decline the time/day. After 24 hours, I will offer that day/time to someone else because this is a business and I will not hold times open. NO EXCEPTIONS.


Cancellation Policy


24-hour minimum notice to cancel or change for any reason. You will NOT be able to make up or reschedule a lesson with less notice. Do not ask for an “exception.” You will not get one.




I love offering a large discount. To receive that benefit, you will have to prepay by the first week of the month.


Lesson payments are due the first week of the month. NO EXCEPTIONS. We can send you Venmo, PayPal or you can write a check or cash. Email Kelly at landonfarm@yahoo.com if you need to set up PayPal or Venmo.


You WILL NOT receive the discounted rate for lessons if your payment is not received during the first week of the month.


The discounted rate is $35 a lesson PRE-PAID by the first week of the month.


Late monthly payment or “lesson by lesson” payment is $50 per lesson. That means your lessons will increase by $15 a lesson.


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