September 2019 Newsletter

World Championship Horse Show 


This show has a couple of nicknames such as “Worlds” or “Louisville.” The best Saddlebreds, Hackney ponies and Roadster horses show for 8 days in Freedom Hall in Louisville, KY.


Every horse that attends this show has had proven successful during the season. Every class is packed with the highest quality horses and riders/drivers that have been preparing for years along with their equine teammate.


Louisville is the crown jewel show of the Saddlebred industry. The prestige it holds causes a buzz of excitement and rush of adrenaline for the horses, clients and their family and friends.


Small, medium and large-sized barns (and their equivalent operations/staff) all come with the hopes to capture any “piece of the pie.” The top 8 horses are recognized in a class but depending on the rules, sometimes only top 4 or 6 get to participate in their championship classes.


Our barn has a special relationship with a sister barn in Louisville, KY called Silver Lining Stables. Greg and Nicole Reason are the trainers, owners and my very dear friends. We enjoyed collaborating on several horses and riders and both barns enjoyed watching each other's programs grow from this special relationship. The three of us truly want nothing but success for each other. We bring a plethora of ideas and each trainer has something intangible that they bring to this collaboration.


This was the first year that CRW Wine and Equine LLC (Bob and Sharon Wilson) entered a homegrown baby in the yearling class named Kronos. Kronos’ dam (mom) is Claret. His sire (dad) is a very talented stallion named Joe Fabulous. Kronos’ show name is CRW Unrestrained. This baby has some stage fright his first class but everyone was so proud of him. Greg, Nicole did an excellent job leading him through his first class. Second class Greg and Kathryn led Kronos through. Neither class did he ribbon but he improved a ton between classes.


The Invincible (Boomer) has an exciting week in fine harness (Fancy 4 wheeled cart). Kathryn drove Boomer to a 4th in the fine harness county fair championships. Later in the week, Sharon drove him to an 8th place finish. Sharon's incredible drive did not qualify her for the championship because it was the top 6 to advance. Sharon stole the show with her amazing gown. Her driving and decision making continues to grow leaps and bounds every season. You can tell how much Sharon loves and trusts Boomer when she is driving him.


Drew and Trooper have some amazing finishes in both Equitation and Country Pleasure. Drew grabbed an amazing 5th place ribbon in the country pleasure. Out of the three judges, one of them gave Drew a 1st place vote! It was simply an amazing ride! He qualified for the championship and out of 16 horses we had a great go but got covered up by a large class of 16. In equitation he was 7th and only the top 6 went through. Trooper and Drew made a HUGE show and we couldn’t be more proud.


Last but not least was Prada’s week up high highs and low lows. She fought back from a fever that also left her body achy and her personality diminished. By Tuesday night in the mare class, we started to see a turnaround. A clean and exciting class; she did not grab a ribbon but people started to take notice of her. Finally, we put her back in the big class on Saturday night. This was Kathryn’s first time showing in this class and there were 16 outstanding horses. Before the show, we drew numbers to see what position you would enter the ring. We were number 13. She came in marching higher and higher at the trot and fed off the energy in the crowd. It was an experience a lifetime. She was 100% again after the brief illness. The support and enthusiasm expressed about this horse continue to make my heart swell with pride. Next year we are better prepared to take on some minor issues to ensure this mare starts her Louisville as she ended it. Giant thanks to Greg Reason that had to train a horse for a very opinionated horse trainer. I took the mare very far and needed a second set of eyes and guidance to get her the extra mile. Also a special thanks to Nicole that stays in the background but supports me and my dreams with this mare.

Congrats to the Lodics and Wilson families that made Louisville 2019 one to remember. Congrats to our extended barn family at Silver Lining Stables. We are family and we love you. Pictures from the show are below.

Lesson Policy REMINDER


School is back in and lessons are in full swing again after a busy summer of horse shows, clinics, and camps all over the country.


I wanted to remind everyone of our important riding lesson policies.


  1. Cancellations must be made with at least a 24-hour notice. There is NO rescheduling with any less notice for any reason.
  2. Communicate via email ( unless it is an emergency with your rider or horse. I will not return texts or calls before 8 am or after 8 pm.
  3. You must be 15 minutes early for your lesson. Riders are expected to be dressed appropriately and have their helmet, boots, and gloves on. Riders must measure their stirrups or tighten their girth (with the help of a barn worker).
  4. Late arrivals will NOT receive additional saddle time. For example, The riding lesson is at 4 pm for 30 min to end at 4:30. The rider arrived at 4:06 pm and slowly walks from their car to the arena. Now at 4:10 the rider will mount their horse and have to stretch their legs and allow the horse to walk a lap to warm up. Now the time is 4:16 pm. The lesson will end at 4:30. The rider will only be receiving instruction for approximately 12 min because dismounting will take 2 minutes as well. Total riding time will be 12 minutes. I have lessons scheduled until 8 pm Monday through Thursday and staying on time is extremely important.
  5. Makeup lessons MUST be scheduled WITHIN the existing month OR the FIRST week of the next month. I do not have a lot of flexibility to change lesson times. Our sport is scheduled similarly to Karate, soccer or personal training. The client needs to commit to the same time weekly (or multiple days a week) and do their best to mitigate changing these lessons.
  6. Pick up your trash. Do not leave water bottles or peppermint wrappers on the ground, trunks or other public areas.
  7. Schedule a meeting if you need to ask Kathryn a lot of questions. I love to answer questions and teach parents and family members about the horse industry. The few minutes I have in between lessons can’t be used to address issues that deserve my total attention. Schedule a meeting by emailing
  8. Private lessons are only for new/inexperienced riders or horse owners. I have very few private lesson slots available. Once a rider learns their foundation, Kathryn will find them an appropriate group to join. If an experienced rider wants an additional private lesson, that cost is $60 per lesson.


I Don’t Dance


Congratulations Bob and Sharon Wilson on the purchase of “I Don’t Dance” aka Dutton. This grand mare has power and elegance. Dutton is very sweet and loved visitors. We can’t wait to get her into the show ring



Horses for Sale and Lease 


We always have a lot of horses for sale or lease. Below is a list of horses that are for lease or sale or both. Please email the barn for additional information.
















Horse Shows 


Upcoming shows to sign up for:


Bland, VA


Alabama Charity Decatur, AL


National Academy Finals Murfreesboro, TN


American Royal Kansas City, MO


****** I also hope to add some casual/fun shows but there are not any currently on the schedule. I will update the show list with casual/fun shows as I find ones that fit into our schedule****



Photo Submissions

Do you manage to get that perfect shot rather you are at the farm or attending a show?  We want your photos!  Starting this month you can upload your favorite photos to our website. These shots will be evaluated and used where most applicable to help us get our message across. There is no limit to the photos that you can upload, just be sure to fill out the form giving us permission to use them!  Thank you for using your artistic talent to spread the word of the work and fun we do here at Landon Farms!

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