Parent Bulletin Board

Welcome to the Landon Farm Parent Bulletin Board! 

All LF parents can visit this page on our site to learn about upcoming events, deadlines, no-lesson dates, show schedules, etc. (scroll down)

We welcome all feedback, so please let us know if we missed something! Thanks!



No Lesson Dates:


Upcoming Show Dates and Information:


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 Need a list of what to bring to shows?  Click here!


Important Youth Club Membership Links:  

All Landon Farm academy riders that are showing in the 2017 season must register for ASHA, ASAC and ETSA membership.  You must also fill out high points nominations forms for ASAC and ETSA before the first show of each season.  3 memberships, 2 nominations - must renew each year.

Important Housekeeping Items:  

  • Barn & Farm Tidiness:  Please remind your riders to pick up /put away all items brought to or used at the farm.  Water bottles, helmets, gloves, whips, saddles, etc….need to be taken care of before they leave or barn chores will be assigned.
  • Lesson Cancellation or Change of Time:  A 24-hour notice for a cancelled lesson is required in order to avoid a $10 per occurrence fee.  After the second occurrence the full lesson fee will be charged and after the third, it may result in the rider being removed from the schedule until resolved.
  • Show Sign-ups:  All show participation will be managed using Sign Up Genius.  It's quick and easy! The parent Bulletin Board on our website will be updated with links to each show sign up will be done frequently.