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Horse Therapy Session for the Casual Horse Enthusiast
We want to include everyone in being able to enjoy the great outdoors and the incredible horses at our farm (even if a full-time commitment to lessons is less than ideal)
Landon Farm will be offering a riding and horse-loving session for families that are not ready for weekly lessons.
For $60 for UP to two riders AND two spectators can enjoy a 20-minute riding lesson, 15 minutes of brushing, and feed your horse a special treat.
The second option is $100 for 4 riders to take two separate riding lessons at 20 minutes apiece, brush for 15 minutes in groups of two and give a special treat to your horse.
Landon Farm will require payment in full to schedule these horse therapy lessons. Payment can be made via PayPal, Venmo or cash (prior to the scheduled visit)

My “indoor” arena has only 1 wall and the rest is “open sides.” The 70x140 arena is not included. The fresh air whipping through the arena during training and lessons is the most wonderful feeling. The muted sunshine peaks in through the open Open floor plan. 

The “sitting room” is not enclosed by glass. It is easy to sit apart and watch the lessons or stand outside of the arena and peak in with the sun at your back. 

On the property, there are three barns that are 1-5 acres apart, two open-sided arenas that are 400 yards apart, and an extremely open parking and driveway. Sometimes when I am walking from place to place, I would think to myself “why did I build this all spread out?....”. Now I am very happy that our facility is set up in this fashion. My clients, their families, and my staff can easily enjoy the bond with a horse and the health benefits of the great outdoors. What a blessing it is.

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