About Landon Farm

When I established Landon Farm 2013, I had to make some decisions on how I wanted to operate.  With 20 years of experience teaching well over 100 courses a week. I had seen what worked well and what didn’t.  In my experience putting 20 horses and riders in a single class with a trainer and a couple of helpers was not producing the kind of results that I knew I was capable of.  This is why we start off our new riders in private or semi-private lessons and keep our group lessons to no more than 5 in intermediate or 7 in advance classes.  This allows for time to see what is working and what needs direction and spend the time that is needed with each rider to produce the best results. Landon Farm is not a factory setting with a revolving door of people. You will always recognize a new face because this is a close-knit barn family.


I am very dedicated to quality control. There will not be multiple assistants for teaching lessons. There will not be anyone that cares more about the success of your horse and rider than the person who owns this farm. I am personally invested in your success and your horse goals and experiences. Everyone at Landon Farm has access to the head trainer that has proven success with all levels of riders.


Beyond the saddle time, I encourage my riders to be a part of the process on the ground. Riders are expected to work together and mentor the new/green riders regardless of age. A true horseman/horsewoman takes pride in learning all aspects of horse care. I foster and facilitate an environment where all riders can grow and learn these skills.


I am proud to say that our farm creates relationships that run far deeper than riding horses.