About Landon Farm

We are named after our favorite four-legged canine sidekick, Landon, who was an 18 year old Red Heeler.  Kathryn bought Landon just 2 weeks after starting her teaching career.  He was by no means a regular dog and he lives quite a special life. Although he slowed down in his senior years, he was by Kathryn's side whether she was teaching a lesson or traveling to a show, Landon was there.  He was and still is loved by all in the farm family!  We lost our guardian of the barn in 2014 but know he is still watching over our farm.  He taught Peyton and Lolly very well...they are taking care of his mom for him, along with the newest additions...Millie and Mason!

At Landon Farm, we have top-notch lesson horses, more than 20 years of teaching experience, an approach that is both encouraging and firm, and one of the best instructors in the area. Kathryn Rodosky Taylor wears many hats as owner, trainer and head instructor. With a personal touch and the highest possible attention to safety, her lessons are the ultimate in confidence-building. Young riders will also learn a great deal of responsibility as they actively participate in the care and maintenance of horses. 

At this time we continue to strive at being a strong, instruction-based facility. We do not offer trail riding, one-time experiences or horse rental.