Adult Instruction

Perhaps you have never ridden a horse but always felt connected to this majestic creature. Maybe you are searching for your home away from home where you can connect with other adults that also find peace and happiness in the barn family environment.

On the other hand, maybe you once were a horse owner or rider, but life got in the way, and you're now ready to re-enter the horse world. Riding a horse can be an amazing way to spend your pre-retirement or retirement years.

Perhaps you've always wanted a horse and now you are finally lucky enough to have both the time and money to make your dream come true.

Whatever the motivation, Landon Farm, is a special place that has a very close-knit barn family to help you accomplish your equestrian dreams in a safe and structured environment.

We would love to meet you and give you a tour of the farm.


Here are what some of our adult riders have to say about Landon Farm:

I followed my child to a show barn because he wanted to compete and win "big ribbons". I was able to watch quite a few lessons before the I had to try an American Saddlebred.  I had ridden English style and loved all things horses for a long time.  After one lesson, I was hooked and signed up to do my first farm show.  I was horrible!  but it was so much fun.  I literally felt like I was flying.  Our family got involved and soon we owned a few show horses.  After a long day at work, coming to the barn is my sanctuary.  I get to decompress and spend time with some of my favorite creatures ever.  I enjoy caring for them and riding them, and even showing.  I don't always get to come as much as I"d like to ,but it has been a wonderful time sharing my passion for horses and learning from my trainer Kathryn, who always encourages me to keep getting better. She makes me feel like nothing is impossible. I am always proud to ride for myself and Team Landon Farm. -Julie
When I was 52 years old, I  received as a Christmas gift from my husband, riding lessons to the place of my choice. I chose Kathryn to be my riding instructor.

Kathryn is a great at what she does.  Safety is at the the top of her list.  I started out riding walk/trot.  Then gradually went to walk/trot/canter.

 Kathryn gives you all the tools you need to do the gaits and ride with success. Our lesson horses are wonderful.  They each have their special job in Kathryn’s program.

Encouraged by Kathryn, I have always gone the extra mile, going to a personal trainer and doing yoga to be strong when riding or driving.

I have been showing performance horses for 9 years.  Saddleseat for 7 years and then for the last 2 years, driving them.
Kathryn has carefully guided me through all the different levels of riding.  I have had several horses in the past years.  All took me to the next level in my riding career.

Kathryn helped me choose these special horses.  I loved them all.  I am now driving horses.  Once again, Kathryn with her knowledge and excitement has helped me on this new journey!  It’s been two years now and we have had great success!

My life has been changed in the last 11 years. I can’t imagine not having her or the horses in my life.   Kathryn and the wonderful school horses in her lesson program are changing lives everyday!

Whether you are a little person or an adult such as myself, Kathryn gives you one on one attention. You never feel like just a number. She truly cares for each of us!!! -Sharon