Parents Guide

Welcome to the wonderful world of riding horses! You are embarking on a brand new adventure that we hope that you will love. Throughout this adventure there are going to ba million questions that run through your brain; diagonals, leads, left leg right hand etc., you will be sitting there as though you are on another planet and listening to a foreign language!!

Have no fear this short easy to understand guide will make you feel like you have been doing this all your life.

To start with you have made the biggest step and have signed up for a lesson at the facility that is a clean, safe and educational environment. Step one is complete.

Step Two:

The first riding lesson. Your son/daughter or even you will be chomping at the bit to get to the barn, but as soon as they arrive at the stable you will most likely see a small flash of nerves and fear mixed in with sheer excitement. Don’t worry this is totally normal. This is where you come in as a parent-your rider will need a little encouragement and positive motivation to not let their fear take over.

Once you get into the barn there will be release and information for you to sign. A helper will help your child put the tack on the horse and lead them to the arena.

• Halter-set of straps placed around a horse’s head so that the horse can be led or tied

• Lesson Horse-Horses that teach your child to ride.

• Lead-To have a horse on a rope following

While your rider is preparing to ride you will most likely be stand-in got the side watching. Please feel free at this point to take pictures (no flash). It is important to have this moment captured. The instructor will go over the grooming tools and their proper use, and then gather all the other tack in order to have the horse ready to ride.

• Tack Room-Large room where all the things to ride the horse are located

• Saddle-A seat fastened on the back of a horse for riding

• Bridle-The headgear used to control a horse, consisting of buckled straps to which a bit and reins are attached.

• Bit-Metal device that goes into the horse’s mouth to control the horse when mounted

• Pad-Cloth or gel square that goes under the saddle to prevent sores and provide comfort for the horse

Step Three

Your rider has successfully learned to assist on how to put everything on their horse and are now off to the arena to mount. From here the instructor will teach them how to check their equipment prior and then

how to safely mount.

• Mount-To get on the horse

• Mounting block-Study set of steps to get on the horse

• Leg up-When the rider received a boost from the instructor by using leverage and jumping

Step Four:

The end of the lesson will come much quicker for your rider than you. For you, it will feel like 4 hours of sweating and nervousness. The instructor will then teach your rider how to dismount and safely lead their horseback to their stall to remove the tack and cool their horse down.

It is very important that your rider take part in helping as much as they can. This will make them more comfortable around the horses and will also increase their confidence in themselves.

Shows and Camps:

There are no refunds. Hauling, stalls, entries, employees, shavings and many other factors are used to price a show. The rider will not be entered without full payment for the show. No refund will be given.



Riding like other sports has a “uniform”. This is not for appearance or fashion but for the safety of the rider.

• No baggy shirts.

• form fitting shirts tucked in.

• Boots. It is recommended that riders invest in jod boots.

• Jod or Breeches. You will need to purchase boot cut jod for riding (no blingy jeans/those damage saddles)

• Helmet.

• No jewelry such as dangly earrings or necklaces.

• Gloves are recommended to save wear and tear on your hands.





Have a question for Kathryn such as buying or leasing a horse, rider development or showing? Please email Kathryn and schedule a meeting. She would love to go over the different avenues, commitments, and expenses. This is NOT a conversation that can be had in between or during lessons. You deserve my undivided attention when discussing these matters.