"Kathryn literally rocked my world! I cannot imagine what my life would be without Kathryn and the horses!"

- Sharon Wilson 


"Kathryn is one of the hardest working instructors in the horse industry today. I have seen her put some awesome riders in the show ring at the National Academy championship Finals over the past 5 yrs and always have good things to say about their rides. Very uplifting to see in this business!"

- Joyce Webster


"I looked all over the area for riding lessons for my Grandson, Brayden 3 years ago. Then I found Kathryn owner of Landon Farms, She is a fantastic riding instructor, but so much more! Kathryn is engaging with her students, giving lots of individualized attention and instruction. She understands what to focus on and what to ignore, and while demanding, gives lots of praise and encouragement. We have really seen the positive results from Kathryn's teaching and interaction with Brayden, who has gained so much not only in riding skills, but with insight, confidence and a sense of accomplishment and belonging that has been so gratifying. We are very grateful that we found Kathryn!  Her special approach has been so beneficial to my Grandson. It has been an extremely positive and rewarding relationship we value very much."

-Shannon Smith


"My daughter started riding at the end of 2015. Kathryn has taught her how to ride, work ethic, responsibility, teamwork, and safety. I'm very proud of what she has accomplished. Thank you Landon Farm"

-Cherry Williams


"In looking for a farm that could teach my daughter, I was looking for more than a "place for her to ride".  I wanted to find a community that she could be a part of. A community that valued the horses, the riders, and the responsibility.  That is exactly what I found at Landon Farms.  Kathyrn puts a value on being a responsible equestrian. If you are wanting an environment that will teach sound equestrian skills along with learning how to be responsible for the animals, peers, the barn and learning then Landon Farm is a perfect match.  I have watched not only her skills grow but also her sense of responsibility, self-confidence, and determination to be the best that she can be. Life skills that will last."

-Josh Weaver 


"I started riding at Landon Farm around 6 years ago, I had previously ridden at another barn which was not the right fit and was looking for somewhere that felt like home. Kathryn and the barn family were more than welcoming to me, allowing me to not only take lessons but be apart of everything. I had shown twice in academy and showed under the Landon Farm banner in just under 6 months. Kathryn’s instruction was super and the horses were kind and smart in guiding me around the arena. Over the next 2 years, Kathryn guided me to numerous top placing ribbons, as well as numerous top place ribbons at The National Academy Championship Horse Show. During both my academy and performance career, I was given multiple opportunities to lease and show horses in multiple divisions. Kathryn’s instruction on every horse I leased as well as our lesson horses helped me to become a very versatile rider, who was prepared for any horse. Kathryn instructed me through a performance career in multiple divisions and the opportunity to show at The World Championship Horse Show. Over a year and a half ago I purchased a rescue pony who was feral and sickly. With the lessons I had learned from Kathryn both on horseback and on the ground, I have taught my pony to ride and perform tricks. I am beyond grateful for all of Landon Farm and more importantly Kathryn, who has given me so many wonderful opportunities and taught me many life lessons. The horses and people of Landon Farm will always be a part of my life."

-Mary Trexler


"Landon Farm is an incredibly special place for our family.  The course of our daughter's life has been forever changed because of her relationship with Kathryn and her time at Landon Farm.  The learning that perfection is a noble pursuit even if it is forever unattainable and to accept, even embrace, the idea that THE PROCESS is the heart of the journey have become deeply instilled character traits for our daughter.  Kathryn has encouraged her to always pursue personal growth and celebrated with her life's amazing accomplishments.  Our daughter, recently accepted into NCSU School of Veterinary Science, will forever have Kathryn by her side as one of her most cherished mentors and Landon Farm will always be home."

-Steve Scott