"Kathryn has been one of the biggest and best influences on our daughter for the past two years. I can't imagine taking her anyone else to ride."

  - The Rice Family

 "Kathryn literally rocked my world! I cannot imagine what my life would be without Kathryn and the horses!"

- Sharon Wilson 

“When my daughter started riding with Kathryn I thought she would be teaching her horseback riding…boy was I wrong!  She teaches kids hard work, perseverance, goal setting and teamwork.  She encourages them to do better when they aren’t doing their best and celebrates with them when they are.  We didn’t just get a riding instructor…we got an amazing mentor."

The Long Family    

"Kathryn is one of the hardest working instructors in the horse industry today. I have seen her put some awesome riders in the show ring at the National Academy championship Finals over the past 5 yrs and always have good things to say about their rides. Very uplifting to see in this business!"

- Joyce Webster